The quest for that perfect Beef Vindaloo

There’s a restaurant in Toronto that I used to live down the street from that had a beef vindaloo dish I was practically addicted to. I don’t live near there any more so I began fiddling around with different ingredients until I could come up with something at home that I liked almost as much, at least. The ideal should actually be a little on the buttery side, slightly sweet and very spicy. 

First, chop about the onions and slowly fry them in butter until they are brown. Remove the onions and set aside, then add more butter and fry up about a pound or two of cubed stewing. Once it’s browned, toss in a glass of red wine. Let the alcohol evaporate, then add the onions back in.

At that point I stir in enough crushed tomatoes to cover the meat. 

Then I add the spices: 2 – 3 green chilis, cut in pieces, depending on how hot you want it. Then the cumin, curry paste, coriander powder, and a dash of powdered cardamom seeds, a dash of cloves and a bay leaf. Then I add a few cloves of crushed garlic, and about a teaspoon of minced ginger. I cover it and let it simmer for about an hour, then add salt and sugar to taste, and then add either more cumin or more cardamom to balance the sweet with the bitter or sour.

At that point, I then cube a large potato or two and add it to the stew, along with some more garlic and ginger, then let it simmer for another hour. 

Beef Vindaloo

1 ½ – 2 lbs beef
3 – 4 onions
4 – 6 Tbsp butter or oil
2 – 3 cups crushed tomato
1 cup red wine
4 – 5 cloves garlic
1 – 2 tsp ginger
2 – 3 green chilli peppers, cut in two
1 Tbsp curry paste
4 – 5 cardamom pods
1 bay leaf

Salt, sugar, cumin and cloves to taste


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