Yet another blog for the pile

This isn’t my first blog, but it is a new handle. I’ve several others I’ve neglected and then long forgotten the password, or even the email address I used to register the thing to begin with.

And each time I put up a new WP blog, there’ve been so many changes it’s like starting from scratch anyway.

I’ve chosen the name ‘lone perspective’ because ultimately I see the world through only my own lens, filtered through my own life experiences, interests and so on, and the posts I intend to put out there will be from that same perspective. My views are far from simplistic and I expect to rile and challenge people as much as I expect them to like or agree with what I express.

At times I may adhere to ‘the status quo’ and at others, quite the opposite. And occasionally I change my mind about things. Only to change it back with the next thing I read. The most important thing for me is to not take it all too seriously.

So warning, there are times when I may offend someone, somewhere. If I do, I put responsibility on the reader as much as on myself for anything.

I’ve yet to decide the direction this blog will take – what it will be about – so for now… we’ll see…


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